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Angel Camino

Angel Camino is an associate attorney with Hughes and Hughes.

Angel Camino grew up in Orange County and attended the California State University of Fullerton (CSUF) where he began as an Accounting major. His amazement with the time value of money led him to add Finance as a second major.  Nearing graduation, he realized that it would only take a few more classes to also add Economics as a focus. He was able to put all three of these focuses to good use as a branch manager of a Fortune 500 bank.

After graduating from CSUF, Mr. Camino began his accounting career, first as a Tax Accountant and then as an Audit Associate. He eventually sat for the Law School Admissions Test and received a score high enough to earn him a lucrative scholarship offer from the brand new University of California, Irvine’s School of Law (UCI). It was then that he decided it was about time to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an attorney.

Mr. Camino’s passion for trial work drove him to win every Mock Trial competition UCI held during his education there. He also volunteered much of his free time to the Pro Bono efforts of UCI. This included partnerships with the Public Law Center; Munger, Tolles & Olson; the LGBT Community; the Public Defender’s Office of Orange County; and the Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles. His volunteer work included immigration cases (asylum, bond, and detention hearings); labor law cases (overtime violations, meal and rest break violations, and retaliation); and criminal cases (various misdemeanors, felony homicide, and felony sexual assault). His hours bestowed him various Pro-Bono awards including being one of the few to receive Pro Bono Honor Chords at graduation.

Mr. Camino is fluent in Spanish, spoken and written, and enjoys keeping active including jogging, tennis, baseball, golf, and bowling. He also enjoys cooking, training his puppy, is learning chess, and participates in competitive Latin ballroom dancing.

Personal Note: "I was raised by a single mom in a divorced home. I speak first hand when I say I have seen how emotional family law issues can get. In addition to the legal issues, there is often a very tangible emotional component in most family law cases. Without special attention to both components, a victory for a client can still feel very empty. I truly believe that completely advocating for my clients requires not only a strong grasp on the law but also an ability to empathize. It is my attention to both components that allows me to be an assertive yet compassionate advocate for my clients. My drive ensures that both the legal and emotional components of each and every client’s issues are given the attention they deserve.”

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