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Thank you Hughes and Hughes!! It will be a merry Christmas! After a long and contentious divorce, then 4 years later another complicated forced legal action filed against me, I turned to Lisa Hughes for help.  She personally answered my phone call.  She rolled up her sleeves and went to work to fight for me, while I was "behind the 8 ball".  (Literally, her firm did throughout the night of that call.)

I am convinced this legal nightmare which involved a move away and change of custody, could not have been untangled by any other law firm.  If anyone has ever experienced the legal system in Orange County where it pertains to "the best interest of the child" and "justice", then you underdand the futility of thinking you will have any of either.

Expertise and ethics are joined at Hughes and Hughes. There is a reason Lisa Hughes continues to get awards of excellence. It has been my experience that every person on my case at this law firm operates from a mode of the highest ethical conduct.  I was a priority. I was always kept in the loop.  There was an extra mile that was gone daily, on my behalf.  There was also a sense of urgency about my case that I could feel. 

Divorces are expensive. Custody battles are complex. They are not only financially taxing but depressing and can be emotionally disabling.  If you can see no other way than to trust a judge in the OC court to make decisions about your life, "hoping for the best" there, then good luck. (That's a joke.)   My experience has shown me the only place you have a chance for good results is at Hughes and Hughes.

I could not have been happier with not only the results I got but with the level of care and compassion I was shown during the worst time of my life as a parent.

Thank you Cori Stockman and David Wald, Melissa Gomez, Sarah Davidson, Alexis Kokkinos, Angela Barr, Lesley Hartz and most of all, thanks to the one who gets the big picture and has a heart the size of the moon, Lisa Hughes. 

Elizabeth T                 


Hughes and Hughes attorney Lisa Hughes

went above and beyond any expectation

I had in a divorce attorney. Her expertise,   

commitment, compassion, and candor

is a true testament to her ability to be an attorney with tremendous integrity.

She immediately put me at ease and with patience, explained the process and my options in laymen terms. Lisa get's phenomenal results quickly. She made herself available to answer any questions I had. I am truly blessed to have had the best attorney in Orange County represent me and my best interest. Thank you


Thank you Lisa and Bruce Hughes for the support, knowledge and care you've provided me going through this divorce process.  I truly appreciate your honesty and integrity when it came time to make important decisions regarding my financial future.  I am grateful you never gave me false hope or sugar coated anything and gave me advice from a professional standpoint to make very difficult decisions.  I appreciate you laying out all of the pros and cons of my divorce settlement and allowing me to decide what path to take to get the outcome I deserved.  You supported me when I decided to settle my case as opposed to going to trial and made me feel comfortable with my decision.  I will always be grateful to you and to your staff who all spent time getting to know me and getting me the outcome I was looking for.  Unfortunately, divorce is a very ugly thing and nobody wins on either side.  It is very expensive no matter what attorney you use, but in an executive divorce like mine, I chose to go with an attorney that could fight aggressively when I needed him to and didn't pull any punches.

Thank you, Bruce Hughes and all of your staff who supported me through this with such integrity.


Mr and Mrs Hughes go above and beyond to help their clients ... they are involved personally every step of the way with good communication throughout ‑ They are both well seasoned attorneys and hold accounting degree's which makes a huge difference when breaking down a case ‑ In this business you have to feel good about who's representing you ... I always felt like they had my back and really cared. Class acts, top notch legal care.

Angel Camino, was a lawyer on my team as well ‑ he is awesome. Great guy, and VERY capable.


Hughes and Hughes represented me in my divorce.  What was a seemingly simple case took 2 1/2 years due to the international nature of the case and the unwillingness of my husband to disclose all the facts.  Lisa and her firm worked with brilliance and tenacity to discover all the pertinent information and bring about an excellent settlement for me. In the final showdown I almost felt sorry for my ex, he was so outgunned.

Lisa is no nonsense and will tell you what you need to be told.  They conduct their business practices to the letter of the law, no exceptions.  I trust the integrity of Hughes and Hughes and was also surprised to learn that Lisa and her team actually cared about me personally.  I certainly did not expect a law firm to put in the extra heart and as the months and years wore on, it helped immensely. 

I will forever be grateful for the kindness and integrity that Lisa, Samantha, Stephanie and several others brought to the table for me.  I am able to move forward with confidence and stability to the next phase of my life. 

Thank you!!


Hughes and Hughes is an excellent law firm.  They handled my case with compassion and consideration.  Any law proceeding is an extremely stressful time financially and emotionally, especially when children are involved.  Everyone at the law firm was professional, patient, and informative.  I feel so blessed to have worked with everyone at this firm.  They are truly the BEST OF THE BEST and proved it time and time again.  Lisa Hughes is by far the best attorney out there.  Her extraordinary knowledge level and professional demeanor brought me great comfort and her willingness to aggressively work my case allowed me to keep living my life instead of turning into a bitter divorcee.  I cannot express the overwhelming gratitude I feel for this outstanding group of individuals.  Choosing a family law attorney is a difficult job and I know my life has significantly changed for the better because I hired them.  Hughes and Hughes is worth every penny.


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 Bruce and Lisa Hughes worked with Senator Moorlach for the past year (July 2015-July 2016) on Senate Bill 1255. This bill was important to the citizens of the State of California and ultimately became California Family Code Section 70. This new provision resolved an issue raised by the Supreme Court on the Date of Separation between divorcing parties. The Date of Separationis vitally important as it determines when the marriage ended. This date is used to determine the legnth of marriage for Spousal Support purposes; it is used to calculate the community share of various financial instruments such as bonuses, stock options and retirement accounts. We were very pleased to have initiated this effort and monitored and revised the bill throughout its progress in cooperation with Senator's staff.

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