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Perhaps the most emotionally-charged issues in life are those connected with marriages and families.  The Orange County family law firm of Hughes & Hughes understands the stress of these situations and offers compassionate and sensitive support for a wide range of issues, including:

Dissolution of marriage 

We understand how difficult it is to face the legal issues involved in ending a marriage.  We handle your situation with compassion and sensitivity as we advise you of your options and help find the best solution for you.

Executive divorce 

The complex financial circumstances behind the income and estate of an executive adds significant complications to negotiations in an executive divorce.  The partners at Hughes & Hughes are experienced Orange County family attorneys.  As our team has two Certified Public Accountants, they understand the intricate accounting and financial practices typical to high-net worth individuals.  We can guide executives or executive spouses through the divorce process, ensuring the results obtained are those needed to protect the entire family's financial future.


While everyone wants to guarantee the best possible results for the children in a divorce, few divorce decisions are more emotional than deciding custody, visitation, and support issues.  A family law firm in Orange County, the team at Hughes & Hughes recognize the devastating effects a drawn-out divorce can have on both parents and children.  Our unique combination of expert understanding of custody law and personal experiences allows us to offer the compassionate legal support that brings the best results to everyone in the family.

Domestic violence 

Domestic violence affects all types of American families.  For four years, managing partner Lisa Hughes provided training and assistance for a non-profit organization dealing with family violence.  Hughes and her colleagues can help survivors of domestic violence and those accused of domestic violence crimes get fair treatment in the legal system.


Issues involving paternity extend far beyond determining biological fatherhood.  In addition to ensuring that fathers carry out their financial responsibility, situations surrounding visitation, custody, same sex relationships, and the rights of unwed fathers can create complex legal issues.  The Hughes & Hughes team helps establish paternity and provides the services needed to protect the rights of parents while assuring that the children are protected.

Forensic investigations

One of the first steps in dissolving marriages involves detailing the financial status of each spouse.  When either spouse does not accurately disclose all assets, even when the intentions were honest, legal sanctions and other expensive legal actions can occur.  Hughes & Hughes has in-house financial expertise to help ensure that all financial details are accurately reported.

Few Orange County family law firms have a background stronger than the Hughes & Hughes team.  Contact us to place your matter in the hands of an exceptionally trained legal team.

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