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When you become a Hughes & Hughes client, your legal team will immediately begin the task of investigating and identifying joint assets. This investigation will result in a cohesive financial picture from which you can negotiate a satisfactory settlement. This can be vital in cases where a business is involved, and Hughes & Hughes is well-equipped with forensic accounting specialties, understanding the intricacies of the process and the importance of providing third party valuation expertise.

Forensic SpecialistsFailure to accurately disclose all assets in issues such as a divorce can result in sanctions and attorney fees caused by violation of disclosure duties. Hughes & Hughes has the resources in-house to ensure that you and your business do not experience this potentially detrimental pitfall. And, for those on the other side of the equation, we can make certain that you are not denied an accurate reporting of assets by the other parties involved.

Hiring a forensic accountant such as those on the Hughes & Hughes team is vital because of the greater depth of expertise and understanding of applicable law. And as the forensic accountant may be called to testify in court, it is also beneficial to rely on a precisely trained professional familiar with these proceedings.

Our team includes industry-leading forensic specialists, including tax specialists and forensic accountants, as well as business and specialty property appraisers. Our goal is to secure a solid accounting of the value of your and your spouse's assets and liabilities, including a thorough assessment of all investment accounts and business records.

In an exceptionally thorough process, our forensic specialists will launch formal discovery procedures, leaving no stone unturned as we identify unreported or hidden income, property, art, jewelry, and other non-liquid assets that should be included in the settlement. At Hughes & Hughes, we understand that sometimes figures on paper do not represent the real financial situation of our clients. Our specialists will help you uncover the truth, so your settlement will reflect reality.

To gain more insight on the importance of forensic accounting, you can read an article by Lisa Hughes in the Orange County Register here.

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 Bruce and Lisa Hughes worked with Senator Moorlach for the past year (July 2015-July 2016) on Senate Bill 1255. This bill was important to the citizens of the State of California and ultimately became California Family Code Section 70. This new provision resolved an issue raised by the Supreme Court on the Date of Separation between divorcing parties. The Date of Separationis vitally important as it determines when the marriage ended. This date is used to determine the legnth of marriage for Spousal Support purposes; it is used to calculate the community share of various financial instruments such as bonuses, stock options and retirement accounts. We were very pleased to have initiated this effort and monitored and revised the bill throughout its progress in cooperation with Senator's staff.

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