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Bruce A. Hughes limits his practice area to family law. Bruce has also been a certified public accountant since 1973.  Between 1973 and 1979 Bruce was vice president of an international subsidiary of ITT. From 1979 until 1994 he was one of the foremost forensic accountants in family law in Orange County and has testified over 2,000 times in family law matters. His expertise is in property and accounting issues, and he is involved in all complex property, high profile and high net worth cases in the office.

Bruce received his BS in Accounting from California State University at Long Beach, his MBA from UCLA, and his J.D. from Western State University in 1993. He is a member of the AICPA, the CSCPA, the ABA, and the Orange County Bar Association. He presently sit on the Orange County Internal Audit Oversight Committee and  he has served on community boards in the past, including as vice chairman of the Harbors, Parks, and Beaches Oversight Committee for the County of Orange; one of five committee members of the Orange County Treasurer's Oversight Committee, which restructured the Treasurer's office after the Orange County Bankruptcy; and a member of the Orange County Treasurer's advisory board as well as various other non profit boards. Bruce is a former member of the Orange County Lincoln Club and the New Majority.

Bruce is the managing attorney of the office. He supervises the attorneys, guides them, educates them, assists them with any issues or questions they may have, and becomes active in their cases as necessary. Combining years of experience and a knack for gentle persuasion, he prides himself on his ability to settle cases and avoid expensive court litigation. Even his most ardent adversaries will agree that Bruce looks for common ground with which all parties may be comfortable.

Bruce likes to read. He was previously an "A" level tennis player and enjoyed sailing his 52 foot sailboat, the "Me 'n Sweetie". He presently golfs and gardens. Bruce served in the Fourth Infantry Division, serving in a mortar platoon in Viet Nam between 1967 and 1968.  Bruce was given the honor of being promoted to Sergeant in his two years of service, based on his outstanding leadership abilities.

Bruce is a father of four and grandfather to four. He shares his wife's love of animals; if it barks, neighs, or squawks, it is Bruce's friend.

Bruce decided to become an attorney to compliment his wife, Lisa, who was becoming a C.P.A. Bruce not only passed both the C.P.A. exam and the Bar in one sitting, but received the recognition of "National Honorable Mention" for writing one of the top 45 papers out of 45,000 papers written in the United States, for his C.P.A. examination.

Latest News

 Bruce and Lisa Hughes worked with Senator Moorlach for the past year (July 2015-July 2016) on Senate Bill 1255. This bill was important to the citizens of the State of California and ultimately became California Family Code Section 70. This new provision resolved an issue raised by the Supreme Court on the Date of Separation between divorcing parties. The Date of Separationis vitally important as it determines when the marriage ended. This date is used to determine the legnth of marriage for Spousal Support purposes; it is used to calculate the community share of various financial instruments such as bonuses, stock options and retirement accounts. We were very pleased to have initiated this effort and monitored and revised the bill throughout its progress in cooperation with Senator's staff.

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