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David E. Wald, a principal in the Tustin based family law firm, Hughes & Hughes, LLP, a passion for trial has sustained his long and illustrious career in family law. See David Wald featured on in article, "Divorce Lawyer Makes Career of Lifelong Passion."

"When Wald began his legal career in the early 1970s, he says, he knew only that he wanted to be a trial lawyer.  However, after obtaining an associate position at a firm that specialized in civil and family litigation, he quickly realized that only family law really appealed to his adrenalin-loving side.  “The litigation of family matters afforded me the dual opportunity of pursuing a career in the courtroom while observing the immediate benefit to the client,” he said, in contrast to civil litigation, in which “years of discovery and law and motion delayed the ultimate outcome nearly indefinitely.”"

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 Bruce and Lisa Hughes worked with Senator Moorlach for the past year (July 2015-July 2016) on Senate Bill 1255. This bill was important to the citizens of the State of California and ultimately became California Family Code Section 70. This new provision resolved an issue raised by the Supreme Court on the Date of Separation between divorcing parties. The Date of Separationis vitally important as it determines when the marriage ended. This date is used to determine the legnth of marriage for Spousal Support purposes; it is used to calculate the community share of various financial instruments such as bonuses, stock options and retirement accounts. We were very pleased to have initiated this effort and monitored and revised the bill throughout its progress in cooperation with Senator's staff.

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